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Clothing for the family from Burberry Beverly Hills

Getting your family photo ready is not always an easy feat. You can take some gorgeous pictures you’ll want to hang on your walls for years to come, so everybody must look their best. And honestly? Motivating your kid to scrub up, wear a new outfit, and smile can be challenging. This is why I love using photoshoots as an opportunity for a mini-shopping spree. By getting high-quality items that your family will adore, you can incentivize the whole process with a reward lasting long after picture day. As for the smiles? Well, don’t worry. That’s where I come in! If you’re looking for a place to get beautiful items for the entire family, it’s time to check out Burberry in Beverly Hills. With luxurious pieces suited for every style, your photo session will be a success! 

About Burberry Beverly Hills

Since its beginnings in 1856, Burberry has always specialized in providing innovative styles for those who want to stand out from society. Thomas Burberry began by creating comfortable rainwear to replace the unwieldy options that had been around for years. Quickly, explorers fell in love, wearing it everywhere, from the Arctic Circle to a hot air balloon in Russia. 

The first Burberry trench coat was rolled out during World War I, while the trademarked checkered pattern was introduced as a coat lining in the 1920s. Since then, the brand has created stylish pieces for every age. From its famous trench coats to everyday clothing, it continues to be a label that carries an unmatched feeling of prestige. 


Burberry has cohesive pieces that work splendidly for creating beautifully coordinated looks for pictures. Their women’s sweaters and cardigans are elegant yet cozy. You can pair them with matching skirts or with jeans. Men can choose anything from warm wool shirts to polos with checkered collars. Younger family members will love stylish yet wearable clothing. 

You can find adorable dresses with playful patterns, solid polos, and sweatshirts with the classic Burberry touch. They even have baby playsuits that will pull your entire family’s look together. Whether you want to find family pieces that perfectly match or prefer to add a little bit of variety, Burberry has the ideal options for your photo session. 


Burberry started as a brand for those who love the outdoors, and it continues to focus on how it can protect the world to keep it explorable. The label prioritizes being sustainable and has pledged to go climate positive by the year 2040. Furthermore, Burberry directly invests in incentives committed to climate change efforts and finds ways to create environmental regeneration. 

Little girl with flowers on her back at the park in an orange cardigan and romper Burberry Beverly Hills

Burberry Beverly Hills

Burberry in Beverly Hills is one of my favorite options for finding coordinating outfits for a photo session. With cohesive items you’ll want to wear again and again, it’s the perfect stop for the entire family. 

Mom and dad walking with daughter holding hands in Griffith Park, Los Angeles - Burberry Beverly Hills

As a Los Angeles photographer, I love giving recommendations for my favorite family shops nearly as much as I adore taking stunning pictures you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re looking for more motherhood content or want to book a family photo session, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more. While you’re here, be sure to view more blog posts below!

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