11 Diaper bag essentials for moms in Los Angeles

New mom with her newborn baby photographed in Woodland Hills - 11 diaper bag essentials for moms in los angeles
New mom holding her newborn baby and kissing the top of her head. Photographed in Los Angeles by newborn photographer Elsie Rose Photography.

Being a new mom can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to figuring out what you need to bring with you when you leave the house with your little one, so here are my 11 diaper bag essentials for moms in Los Angeles. In a bustling city like LA, it’s important to be prepared for anything and everything that might come your way. That’s where a well-stocked diaper bag comes in handy. Here are some essential items that moms in Los Angeles should consider packing in their diaper bags… I was certainly caught out without a few essentials like spare diapers and wipes, it was not a fun experience! As a Los Angeles newborn photographer, I thought once I became a mom I would remember everything I needed to have on hand when leaving the house, but of course, I didn’t!

11 Diaper bag essentials for moms in Los Angeles


This might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You’ll want to bring enough diapers to last you for the entire time you’ll be out of the house, Huggies seemed to work the best for my own daughter. It’s always a good idea to pack a few extra just in case of an emergency. Additionally, make sure to bring wipes (water wipes are my personal favorite), diaper rash cream, and any other diaper-related items you might need.

When I first had my daughter we had a pediatrician appointment around the one month mark and off I went without my husband and feeling well prepared. When we got there my daughter had decided to do the biggest poop on the way there. I quickly went to clean her up only to realize I didn’t have her her diaper bag! This left me feeling so overwhelmed and so I asked the nurse for a spare diaper, when she came back I realized I needed to ask for wipes as well! I felt so silly, once you’ve been a mom for a little while you feel less silly, you’re not so worried and ask for what you need, but at the time I felt awful.


Los Angeles is known for its sunny weather, so it’s important to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Pack a sunscreen with a high SPF, and reapply every two hours or after swimming or sweating. My daughters pediatrician recommended a Zinc based sunscreen. But since she has a bad case of eczema a lot were really affecting her and she was scratching a lot and was uncomfortable. I found one in the UK by Nivea, it’s a kids sensitive skin fragrance free roll on SPF 50+ which seems to work great for her. The roll on is also great, I can get it on quickly and make sure she is completely covered.


Along with sunscreen, a hat is a great way to protect your baby’s head and face from the sun. Look for a hat with a wide brim that shades the face, ears, and neck.

Light blanket or nursing cover

Whether you’re at the beach or in a park, a lightweight blanket can come in handy. Use it to lay your baby down for a nap or as a barrier between your baby and any surfaces that might be dirty. I’ve also used it at the grocery store when putting my daughter into the shopping cart seat.

Change of clothes

Babies are notorious for spitting up, drooling, and having diaper blowouts so a change of clothes is always necessary. I’ve definitely been caught out here too! When my daughter was a newborn she had a double diaper blowout while out with friends. I only had one change of clothes, so the second time I had to use a friend’s toddlers clothing! My little 3 month old was dressed in a 3 year olds clothing. She was quite happy, but I realized then to always have 2 spare pairs if you’ll be out for a little while.


Depending on your baby’s age, you might want to pack some snacks to keep them happy and satisfied while you’re out and about. Some easy options include cut-up fruit, fruit pouch, crackers, cheese puffs, yogurt drops and baby granola bars. Suddenly when we’re at the park playing my daughter gets rather peckish and loves to go routing through her diaper bag to find some delicious snacks.


It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in the warm Los Angeles weather. Bring a bottle of water for yourself, and a sippy cup or bottle (depending on their age) for your baby as well.


If your baby uses a pacifier, I recommend bringing a few extras in case one gets lost or dirty. My daughter loves her pacifier but also seems to love throwing them. I never realized I’d go through so many of them! And while out and about a big melt down happens if there is suddenly no pacifier.

Hand sanitizer

With so many people and surfaces around, it’s important to keep your hands clean. Pack some hand sanitizer to use before and after diaper changes, feedings, and any other times when you might not be able to wash your hands. I also have a gentle baby one for my daughter to use after playtime at the park and she loves it. She tells me, “clean hands, mommy.”

Baby carrier

Los Angeles is a busy city, and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate with a stroller. Consider bringing a baby carrier so you can easily navigate crowds and stairs. My favorites were the Ergo Baby 360 and the Solly wrap.


Depending on your baby’s age, you might want to pack a few toys to keep them entertained. Consider bringing a rattle, teething toy, or soft book. My daughter currently loves stickers, lego and her dolls, so we always take those things to restaurants to keep her occupied.

In addition to these items, you may consider packing a few extras depending on your specific needs. For example, if you’re breastfeeding, you might want to bring a travel or hand pump. If you’re bottle-feeding, don’t forget to bring bottles and formula. These are my own 11 diaper bag essentials for moms in Los Angeles. With a well-stocked diaper bag, you’ll be prepared for anything LA throws your way!

Newborn baby wearing a cute romper and bunny hat fast asleep during her newborn photoshoot in Los Angeles - 11 diaper bag essentials for moms in Los Angeles

11 Diaper bag essentials for moms in Los Angeles

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