Posh and Petite Playhouse!

Little girl sitting on a box in a barbie dress with pink balloons for her birthday - Posh and Petite Playhouse

Nestled in the neighborhood of Woodland Hills, there is a gem that captivates the hearts of children, Posh and Petite Playhouse. With its whimsical design, imaginative play areas, and attention to detail, this playhouse offers an unforgettable experience for your little ones. 

Posh and Petite Playhouse is a place where imaginations flourish and creativity knows no bounds. Each of the play areas are carefully crafted to stimulate your child’s imagination and provide endless opportunities for exploration. From a mini-town complete with a grocery store, an ice cream café, and a fire station. To a puppet show and dress-up area, to a softplay climbing and slide area.  A new adventure is waiting to be explored in every inch of Posh and Petite.

Little girl in roller skates and barbie dress for a birthday photoshoot in Woodland Hills

Posh and Petite Playhouse

The play area is gated and secure, along with two bathrooms.  There is a large comfortable sitting area for parents, which is great to be able to sit back and relax a little while watching your little ones play and have a wonderful time.  

There is a cafe area upon entering Posh and Petite Playhouse with lots of healthy options for adults and children.  My own daughter loves to play for a while, take a little break for a snack and then head back in for more play. 

Barbie themed birthday with little girl in Barbie dress and roller skates - Posh and Petite Playhouse Woodland Hills

Posh and Petite Playhouse

Posh and Petite Playhouse is not only a playground, it’s a premier destination for hosting unforgettable birthday parties and special events. Whether your little one dreams of being a princess, a superhero, or an explorer, Posh and Petite offers themed party packages tailored to create a magical experience. They provide decorations, food, games and entertainment. Every detail is taken care of, leaving parents free to enjoy the celebration.

Whether it’s a child’s first steps into the world of imagination or a regular playdate with friends, Posh and Petite Playhouse offers an environment that nurtures joy, laughter, and growth. There is magic and wonder that children experience within these walls. 

Currently the cost is $30 for a day pass, which includes the whole day. You can leave for nap time and come back again afterwards! Babies 6 months and under are free.  Babies 9 months and under are free when accompanied by a sibling.  They also offer monthly unlimited play memberships. 

Little girl sitting on a box in a barbie dress with pink balloons for her birthday - Posh and Petite Playhouse

Posh and Petite Playhouse in Woodland Hills is a place that brings joy, wonder, and endless imagination. Its imaginative play areas make it a standout destination for families seeking a unique and memorable experience.  On an extra-hot or rainy LA day, it’s also the perfect destination to entertain the children for a good few hours.

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