Los Angeles High School Senior Portraits

High School senior photoshoot at the beach in Malibu - High School Senior Portraits

High school senior portraits are a rite of passage for many teenagers, they mark the end of their high school journey and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, keep reading for lots of info and tips on Los Angeles High School Senior Portraits. These sessions are a great way for seniors to showcase their personalities and style, while also capturing memories that will last a lifetime. 

As a photographer, I always have such a great time photographing Los Angeles high school senior portraits.  The session always feels so special, and I love chatting with teens about what their plans are next whether it be going to college, traveling etc.  For parents, be sure to have a tissue nearby as many mom’s have shed a tear during these special and beautiful sessions. 

High School Senior boy session in Westwood photographed by Elsie Rose Photography in Los Angeles

Los Angeles High School Senior Portraits

What are senior portraits?

Senior portraits are professional photographs taken of high school seniors before they graduate. They can be taken in a studio or at an outdoor location, and typically showcase the senior’s personality and style. Senior portraits are often used in yearbooks, graduation announcements, and other commemorative materials.  I photograph high school senior portraits in many locations around LA as well as in my Woodland Hills studio. 

Why are senior portraits important?

Senior portraits are important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they provide a lasting memory of the senior’s high school experience. They can capture the senior’s personality, interests, and style. In addition, senior portraits are often used in yearbooks and other commemorative materials, and can be a way for seniors to leave their mark on their school and community.

Teen girl at the beach in Malibu wearing a pink dress at sunset - High School Senior Portraits

Los Angeles High School Senior Portraits

Here are some tips for taking the perfect senior portrait!

Choose a location that is meaningful to you 

Whether it’s your favorite park, the beach, or an urban downtown setting, choosing a location that holds significance to you can add meaning to your portraits. Some of my favorite locations have been at the beach in Malibu.  I’ve had a few high school seniors travel to LA for their session to shoot at a beach in Malibu if they are going to Pepperdine, UCLA or another school based in LA.  Recently I had a high a Los Angeles High School Senior Portrait session in Westwood based around the movie theaters, which I absolutely loved!  It was different and really fitted his vibe and career choice perfectly. 

Dress to suit your style and location

It’s important to wear clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose colors and styles that complement your skin tone and highlight your best features.  If you are scheduling a professional photoshoot your photographer will be able to also recommend clothing and style to suit the vibe and location you are photographing at.  If you have your hat and gown at the time of your photoshoot, be sure to include some images with those!  They are wonderful to look back on. 

Consider bringing props

Props can add a fun and unique element to your portrait. Consider bringing items that represent your interests, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, or a beloved pet.  If being in front of the camera is not something you are used to, a prop can really help you get comfortable at the beginning of the session as it gives you something to hold and concentrate on. 

Include a range of different poses

If you have a professional photoshoot scheduled, your photographer can help you find poses that flatter your body type and showcase your personality. Don’t be afraid to try something new or experiment with different angles.  

Have fun! 

Most important of all, have fun!  If you have fun and are enjoying yourself that will come through in the images. Senior portraits are a celebration of your high school experience, so enjoy the moment and let your personality shine through.

Girl in pink dress photographed at El Matador Beach in Malibu wearing a pink dress

Los Angeles High School Senior Portraits

In conclusion, senior portraits are a meaningful way to capture memories of your high school experience and celebrate your achievements as you transition to the next chapter of your life. By following these tips and working with a skilled photographer, you can take the perfect senior portraits that showcase your unique personality and style.

Boy wearing white shirt, blue sweater and jeans in front of movie theatre in Westwood - High School Senior Portraits

If you’d like to chat more about a Los Angeles High School Senior Portrait session, get in touch!  I’d love to put something together for you.  You can see more of my work here!

Teen boy photo session in Los Angeles wearing jeans and blue sweater and leaning on a railing

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