Los Angeles Doula Options for Birthing Assistance!

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Few people in this world compare to doulas. While pregnancy and the postpartum stage aren’t exactly known to be a restful time in your life, doulas are there to ensure you’re able to get through it and bond with your little one. They’ll work with you to build a birth plan, assist you through the anxiety of the months leading up to delivery, and work with you through labor so you can see your birth plan through. Following your delivery, they’ll check on your recovery while providing amazing help for you and your little one. If you’re in the process of finding a professional to make that first year of parenthood a little easier, I’d love to you find a Los Angeles doula!

Three Highly Rated Options For A Los Angeles Doula

Gentle Birth Doula

Brana Ninkov, the woman behind Gentle Birth Doula, is passionate about giving people plenty of options when it comes to their delivery. She provides judgment-free assistance in any setting and makes sure that, above all else, you have the experience that works for you. Brana has several different packages available. She provides birth packages that include prenatal visits, labor assistance, and postpartum meals. She also provides postpartum doula services for the first night following delivery, homemade meals, and lactation consultation. At Gentle Birth Doula, you can choose to receive placenta encapsulation and comprehensive classes in addition to the Los Angeles doula services. 

Awenesst Birth

The name, Awenesst, was created by doula Jena Scott to represent honesty, awe, oneness, and awareness. When you choose to use Jena for your labor, you’ll feel all these virtues and more! Jena is DONA International-trained and ready to use her expertise to assist you throughout your labor. She provides both birth and postpartum services. Through her time working with you, she’ll help you connect with your body and know what you’re capable of. As a Los Angeles doula, Jena’s goal is to make you feel empowered every step of the way!

Nurture And Flow

Nurture & Flow is a Black-owned practice started by Andrea Weaver. Andrea has years of experience as a doula and works diligently to repair the gap many communities face in healthcare. Through her work, she gives voices to people typically shut out of the process. At Nurture & Flow, the team of doulas provides services for birth and for the postpartum stage. They provide childbirth education to make sure you are equipped for delivery. You can also find fertility doulas to counsel you through conception.

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Los Angeles Doula

If you’re starting to feel anxiety over having a baby, it’s time to relax and hire a Los Angeles doula. With any of these wonderful Los Angeles doulas, you can have a constant source to help you out through every aspect of parenting those first few years. 

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