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There are a lot of exciting aspects about having a baby. Whether you’re trying to decide on a name or getting to fill a wardrobe with fantastic styles, the newness of it all can be absolutely thrilling. And while decorating a nursery is no exception, it can be a bit more intimidating. Not only do you want it to be adorable, but the space must also be safe and functional for your little one. This is where a great furniture store makes all the difference. By finding a trusted furniture store, you can find pieces that suit your style without posing any hazards. If you’ve been looking for baby furniture around Los Angeles, I’d love to tell you about some of my favorite spots. 

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3 Stores for Baby Furniture in Los Angeles to Create Your Dream Nursery

Kids Cottage Furniture

Kids Cottage Furniture opened up its first store in 2014 after over twenty years of designing children’s rooms. The store sells products made in the United States and built with lasting, non-toxic materials. They provide consultations to help you find the perfect pieces to complete your room. 

Their dressers are refined and available in various finishes, while their big kid beds are ideal for the transition once it’s time for your little one to graduate to something bigger. You can also find beds with dressers built in to optimize space.

Juvenile Shop

Juvenile Shop is a beloved store that first opened in 1938. This family-owned shop has provided favorite pieces for generations of Los Angeles kids and is ready for your nursery needs. On top of its brand-name baby gear, the shop offers high-quality furniture such as cribs and dressers. 

Their designs are modern yet functional. You can find stylish gliders with built-in charging stations for cluster feedings and bookcases that will carry stories you can read over and over again. The staff has years of experience and will match you with the right piece for your project.

Green Cradle

Green Cradle is an innovative store dedicated to keeping your little one safe. Edward Olshansky founded the shop after his family began to face health issues. After researching the materials that go into much of the furniture in our homes, his family set out to create a better solution. The store sells eco-friendly furniture built with non-toxic materials free from chemicals or VOCs. 

Their cribs are solid yet gorgeous, while their mattresses comprise organic materials. The shop sells matching dressers and nightstands made with the same guilt-free materials. It’s the ideal shop for quality furniture you won’t have to worry about.

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Baby Furniture Los Angeles

Don’t let the stress of choosing furniture for your baby get you down. By visiting any of these stores for baby furniture in Los Angeles, you can transform your little one’s nursery into a gorgeous space ready for years of play. 

As a motherhood photographer, I adore introducing my clients to their new favorite spots nearly as much as I love taking pictures I know they’ll treasure for years to come. As a mom, I know how precious those first few years are, and I’m here to ensure the memories will last forever. Let’s connect if you’ve been thinking about scheduling some family photos! Contact me today to find out more.

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